Project 49’s ‘Keep In Touch’ Facebook page

As soon as Project 49 realised they would be closing due to Covid-19 they knew they had to find a way to help keep people in touch with each other and to help prevent social distancing becoming social isolation with it all its associated problems. They set up a Facebook group called ‘Keep in Touch’ to help people stay connected! They have a varied programme of activities throughout the week, many of which are ‘live’ streamed so can be interactive with those watching. Activities being offered include live music, sports and fitness, yoga, art, cookery, gardening, poetry etc. Those running sessions are their own staff and people they know within the community such as Southend United, Brazilarte, Yoga for All, Love2sign, Spiral Seed and The Railway Hotel. They are aware that there are lots of other people with learning disabilities who could become socially isolated so the group is open to all and not just those who attend Project 49. The group is a ‘closed’ group so they can control who joins and monitor activity within it.  Many people with a learning disability live in residential and supported accommodation and can get bored being at home all the time so the group is an aid to their staff so they can put structure into people’s day in a meaningful way.

Please listen to the recent interview which took place on BBC Essex where Pete from Project 49 was interviewed about the Facebook ‘Keep in Touch’ page.

Did you know we are still providing a day service of sorts – it’s just now it’s an on-line, interactive virtual service! Pete Shrimplin, our Community Inclusion Co-ordinator, was interviewed today by BBC Essex and explained more about it. #project49southend #southendcareltd #learningdisabilities #communityinclusion #dayservices

Posted by Project 49 on Wednesday, 22 April 2020